If someone mentions a mandola, they are probably talking about the octave mandola, but we also make tenor mandolas, 5-string tenor mandolas and mandocellos! And on our electric page you can see the solid-bodied equivalent.

Octave mandolas

The octave mandola (sometimes called an octave mandolin) is tuned an octave below the mandolin, GDAE. It is an excellent instrument if you find a mandolin too small or want more volume. You can choose to have your mandola in octave or unison stringing. An octave-strung mandola has the strings for the two lower courses an octave apart. This makes chords sound particularly effective. But you have to decide before you order, as the bridge and nut settings need to fit your choice.

Original >

This beautiful instrument gives a full mellow and well-balanced sound. It is available in 54cm or 58cm scale length. You don't have to stretch so far with the shorter scale model, so if you are moving over from the mandolin it is easier to adjust.


< Teardrop

An American visitor to our stand at Whitby last year was amazed that he could buy a hand-crafted instrument at this price. We think it is excellent value, giving a very powerful and well-balanced sound. Also available as a teardrop special.

Carved top

Available by order only, a carved-top mandola gives you power, projection and plenty of bass end.


The larger body and guitar-type fixed bridge gives a high volume, deep rich resonant bass response and clear ringing trebles.

Meridian >

Larger bodied than the Original, with a loud, good bass, and great cutting top end.

< Cirrus

Our latest design, featuring a stylish cutaway and fine acoustic properties.

New ranges

Mandolas are available in the guitar-bodied zephyr and lute-shaped Zaitaz for a big sound!

Tenor mandola

This is the viola equivalent of the mandolin family. It has a fine tone with good projection and volume because of the larger body size. Scale length 42cm, tuning one-fifth below mandolin, CGDA.

This instrument is available in the Original and Teardrop ranges only.

5-course tenor mandola>

With an extra pair of strings, typically tuned CGDAE, this instrument covers the ranges of both mandolin and tenor mandola. Scale length is 38cm

This instrument is available in the Original and Teardrop range.


A very large-bodied instrument, with superb bass response and impressive volume. The scale length is 64cm, and it is tuned one octave and a fifth below the mandolin, CGDA.

Available in Classic and Meridian ranges.








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