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Han Speek, who is responsible for the CITTERN mailing list described below, has an excellent Irish Bouzouki page at http://www.xs4all.nl/~hspeek/bouzouki/

For information about mandolins, plus lots of links, try the Mandolin Café at www.mandolincafe.com/index.html

This is a good link for telling mandolins, bouzoukis etc apart


You can find a wealth of hammer dulcimer information in the Nonsuch Dulcimer Club's website at

www.nonsuchdulcimer.org.uk, and also


The Nonsuch Dulcimer Club was formed in November 1992, and currently has over 150 members. It is a National Club, which promotes the Dulcimer through a quarterly newsletter, together with local and national meetings and workshops. Membership (annual fee 6) entitles you to the newsletter and a reduced rate for all workshops organised by the club. You are also joining a network of other players, providing ideas, help and friendship. If you want to join, or find out more, contact www.nonsuchdulcimer.org.uk


For a wider discussion, try






rec.music.makers. guitar


Richard Robinson's Tunebook is now LIVE at


Keep Music Live

Find out what the British Musicians Union has to offer whilst viewing ads for musicians wanted. There is also a newly formed Folk, Roots and Traditional Music Section.

Luthiers/Luthier Supplies

We won't always be able to make the instrument, or supply the part you need. Tonetech Ltd maintain a directory of UK luthiers, http://www.luthierdirectory.co.uk/ , and are also a source of supply for spares, accessories etc.


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