We have made harps at Oakwood for over 25 years, in all shapes and sizes - from harps for early music only 50cm high (18 strings) to about the largest non-pedal harp practical over 150cm high (39 strings).

Harp teachers have recommended our harps to their students for many years, giving us a steady flow of direct orders, and we have many satisfied customers. Click to see a letter from a happy harpist.

The range we produce has evolved to three standard designs, with options of string types and semitone systems.


Lap harp

Smallest of the range, at 65cm high, this light and portable instrument has a beautiful tone. You play it on your knee, as the name suggests.

It has 22 nylon strings, tuned from F' to a'. The soundboard is spruce, neck and pillar mahogany laminate and a birch back. We fit semi-tone hooks as standard; semi-tone levers cost extra.


32-string harp

Floor standing, (110cm high) yet compact and easily portable, this harp has an excellent range for its size as well as a beautiful tone. The range is from E'' to a'. This model is available with either semitone hooks or Pilgrim semitone levers.


34-string harp

At 115cm high, this floor-standing harp fits in the back seat or boot of most cars. It has concert harp string spacing and projects a beautiful full, strong tone. Its range is from C'' to a'. Tapered tuning pins and Pilgrim semitone levers fitted as standard.

Both 32- and 34- string harps have a spruce soundboard, maple neck and pillar, birch back, nylon strings (gut to order).

We also supply harp strings.

Harp rental

If you are interested in buying one of our harps, but aren't quite sure if it is the instrument for you, you can rent it for a maximum of two months at £50 per month plus a deposit of £200. If you then decide to but, the rental and deposit is deducted from the final price you pay. If you decide to return it, you get your deposit back.







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