We introduced our first range of guitars in response to the requests of players who were impressed by our Original range of mandolin-family instruments. They are built to the same high Oakwood standards. Their scalloped bracing patterns produce superb tone and volume.

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< Newman

We were asked by the noted guitarist Chris Newman to make a copy of his 1930 Martin OM-18 for his personal use. This proved such a success that we now include it as a standard model in our range.


A medium-bodied guitar designed with the fingerstyle player in mind, although it is equally versatile in other areas.

It is a responsive, sweet-toned instrument, with excellent projection and clarity.

<Tempest >

High volume, rich resonant bass and open clarity characterise the Zephyr. The projection and power are accompanied by very even balance, making it well-suited to a variety of tasks and musical styles. Also available in a cutaway design (pictured right).


Clear, bright, resonant, rich and loud with huge sustain. What more could you want from an acoustic bass guitar?

Mistral >

Our latest guitar design, with a floating bridge, inspired by Maccaferri. Jazz guitarists will particularly appreciate this model. The guitar pictured right has birds-eye maple back and sides.


Beautiful, small-bodied 'parlour' guitar that also works well as a tenor.

Custom guitars

On our one-offs page you can see some of the custom guitars we have made, including a harp guitar, an early english guitar, and a guitar with sympathetic strings.

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