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Here is our current price list, for standard ranges, woods and fittings. See our Choices page for some of the options.

A = Mahogany

B = Rosewood, figured sycamore or imbuia

C - Imbuia

D =. Rosewood or figured sycamore

All prices in UK pounds ()


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Many musicians now want to be able to plug in without losing the acoustic properties of their instrument. We can fit pickups to all the instruments we make. We generally supply and fit the Fishman range of transducers . They are suitable for guitars and the mandolin family of instruments as the spacing of the individual transducers accommodate all string spacings. There are two types, one for instruments such as guitars with a fixed bridge, and the other for floating-bridge instruments like the mandolin. All prices include supply and fitting.

Fishman AG125/AG094

Passive undersaddle transducer, no battery, no onboard controls.


Fixed bridge 200

Floating bridge 230

Fishman AG125/AG094 + 'Powerjack'

Active undersaddle transducer with a pre-amp incorporated in the endpin jack socket. Requires installation of a 9v battery (12,000 hours life). No onboard controls.

Fixed bridge 295

Floating bridge 335

Fishman Prefix strip + graphic box

Active undersaddle transducer with onboard controls. The graphic box, which fits on the upper side of the instrument, has an integral battery holder, making it easy to fit and remove the battery.
Fixed bridge 380
Floating bridge 415

There are many other pickup systems on the market, and we're happy to discuss your requirements.

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Hard very bright, clear tinkly tone 15.00
Medium bright, but slightly damped 20.00
Soft a piano-like sound 20.00
Very soft vibraphone! 20.00

Postage and packing 2.50 per order.

Padded bag
Well made, trapezoid shape to fit both Acorn and Dulcette. Heavy duty nylon, all-round zip, handles and shoulder strap 120

Bridge tops
Wonderful as Delrin bridge tops are for their contribution to the sound of the dulcimer, and the way they ease tuning, they have an annoying habit of occasionally popping out and disappearing into a parallel universe. You'll need some spares!

Pack of 10 black and white 2.00

Tuning lever
The dulcimer's no good without it! T-shape tuning lever, 6.95, swan neck 10.95.

Music wire
Four gauges (no 7 to no 10) in 6m coils, 7.95 per coil


Don't be put off by the cover - Maddy McNeil's book You Can Teach Yourself Hammer Dulcimer, published by Mel Bay, came recommended by Nonsuch Dulcimer Club members. Click here to read about a beginner's experience.

Book 8.99. Unfortunatley the CD is no longer available, but we do have a few copies of the book left.



We can supply good quality cases for our instruments.


Hiscox (ABS) 95

Plywood/grained leather 75


Plywood/grained leather 80

Large-bodied mandola

Plywood/grained leather 95


Plywood/grained leather 70

We also have a range of soft gig bags, prices start at 20.

Dulcimer accessories


By using hammers with different facings you can radically change the sound of the instrument.

Instrument Cases Hammer Dulcimer hammers


Our string service is primarily for Oakwood owners. We can supply strings singly or as sets. Please click here for details.

If you're not sure about what gauges are appropriate for your instrument you might find our string gauge chart helpful.