The Electric Ones

As instrument makers, we became interested in electric instruments in two main ways.

Firstly, with an increasing number of musicians wanting us to fit pickups to their acoustic instruments, we began to research the problems and pitfalls of amplification.

Secondly, as designers, we welcomed the opportunity to explore new styles that need not be constrained by the acoustic properties of the instrument or the wood.

The result has been innovative designs for a whole range of instruments.

Fiddle players love the eye-catching design of the stick violin. In a band, they can now hold their own against other electric instruments without feedback problems, and explore the potential of the instrument with various effects pedals. For a more natural sound, the semi-acoustic violin is a good choice.

In the same way, our solid-bodied mandolin family instruments provide extra volume without feedback. They all have excellent tone and balance, with the ease of action associated with playing the electric guitar.

Double bass players appreciate the portability of the semi-acoustic double bass, as well as the warmth of the amplified sound.

We have chosen the pickup systems carefully, paying attention to the quality of sound. We are always happy to fit the pickup of your choice, however, and incorporate any modifications you require.


The playing dimensions of all our electric violins are the same as acoustic violins. We provide a specially-designed shoulder rest for comfort while playing. They have ebony fingerboards, Schaller or Gotoh machines, Thomastik ‘Dominant’ strings and 1/4" output jack as standard. We have found that the Ashworth violin bridge transducer gives the best sound at an affordable price. 4 or 5-string versions are available.

Stick violin

One-piece solid figured sycamore body (clear finish) or mahogany (coloured finish).

Mp3 audio (808KB) | Wave audio (1.6Mb)

Semi-acoustic violin

Mahogany back, sides and neck with bubinga front and headstock veneer.

Also see our electric hardanger, based on the semi-acoustic violin, in figured sycamore.

Octave stick & semi-acoustic violins

We used to do these a long time ago; we're now doing them again. We use special Thomastik strings that allow you to tune the violin an octave lower than normal. You have to hear the amplified sound to believe it!

Mandolin family

Each instrument has a straight through mahogany neck and body, bubinga front and headstock veneers, rosewood fingerboard, Gotoh or Schaller machines, Schaller straplocks and through the body string location. Other features are a twin-coil humbucking pickup with single coil option, tone and volume controls and a 1/4 inch jack socket.

This range is available as mandolins (36cm scale length), octave mandola (54cm), cittern (58cm) and bouzouki (64cm). See the one-offs page for an electric bouzouki in Gibson SG style and electric 'Flying V' mandolin.

We now have guitar shapes for the mandolin family, as well as our traditional 'trapezoid' shapes.


Stick bass

Featuring laminated figured sycamore and bubinga body with 'straight-through' neck, the stick bass has a full double-bass scale length. We fit Shadow pickups and Thomastik strings. Imagine a sound somewhere between a double bass and a Fender Precision!

Semi-acoustic double bass

With a body of either walnut laminate or solid figured sycamore, maple neck and ebony fingerboard, it doesn't look like a double bass but it certainly sounds like one - and it’s a lot easier to get on the bus.

Thomastik strings and Shadow pickups complete the spec.

Stick cello

Similar to a stick bass, the sound is, well… like a good cello!


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