The cittern's five courses make it extremely versatile, and it can be used to play both chords and tunes. Guitarists will be excited by the opportunities that the wide variety of tunings brings. Typical tunings are ACADE, GCGCD, ADGAD, scale length 58cm. Great for sessions, band and solo work. Click on a thumbnail to enlarge.

Original >

This instrument has an attractive, balanced tone with high sustain and volume.

Teardrop >

The teardrop cittern has a very distinctive sound - bright, cutting but with a full bass response, it's one for the session. Great value. Also available as a Teardrop special.

< Classic

Deep, rich and resonant because of the larger body size, the trebles still ring through, giving an overall mature and mellow sound.


Large body, deep bass, terrific projection and cut.

Our citterns are also available in the Cirrus, Zephyr, Zaitaz and Carved top ranges.

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