The Bouzoukis

The long scale length of this instrument gives it a characteristic bright and resonant 'ringing' tone, but with plenty of bottom end. It is becoming increasingly common in sessions in place of the guitar. Standard scale length is 64 cm. The most common tunings are GDAD and ADAD, and it is often used with a capo.

Original >

Our first model of bouzouki has a rich, resonant, full, balanced tone. Plenty of everything, in fact.

Teardrop >

The Teardrop's ringing sound really cuts through. Rich bass, too. Also available as a Teardrop Special. Shown here with a Teardrop cittern.

< Classic

The large body increases the bass response and the volume, with rich ringing trebles to carry the tune.

Meridian >

Drive the rhythm along with the Meridian's great projection and cut, underpinned with tremendous bass.

Also now available in the new Cirrus, Zaitaz and Zephyr ranges.

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