We make our banjos from the finest available imported American hardware, selected timbers and handmade pots. The sound is clear and powerful, and our careful attention to detail means that the instruments are always well set up and easy to play.

We make both 5-string and 4-string banjos. All come with Schaller machines, Kirschner tailpiece and hand rubbed gloss finish as standard. Clear, smooth, frosted or ‘Fyberskyn’ heads are available. Most models have a figured maple neck, laminated maple rim and ebony fingerboard with mother-of-pearl position markers. Resonators are also figured maple. Tone rings are arch top, flat top or ‘Whyte Laydie’ style: choose which suits you best.

If you’re a bluegrass player, try our punchy 5-string G. Old-timey fans may prefer the mellower sound of the 5-string ‘Old Time’ model.

Our 4-string models are specially designed with the Irish session player in mind. A shorter scale length means that all those reels are within your reach, and the instrument is balanced to suit standard tuning. The Irish open back is particularly good value for money.


5 String G resonator >

A classic ‘Mastertone’ style banjo with a choice of an arch top or flat top tone ring. The figured maple neck and resonator and laminated rim contribute to a solid, punchy sound.

Scale length is 66.5cm and the standard tuning is GDGBD.


5 String 'old time'

An open back banjo with a ‘Whyte Laydie‘ style tone ring.

Tuned GDGBD, this 66.5cm scale length model is also available in a longer scale ‘Appalachian’ version.


Irish resonator >

A short scale 4 string banjo (54 or 58cm) constructed of maple with oak leaf fingerboard inlays as standard.

A choice of tone rings and heads is available.

Tuned GDAE, it is also available as a standard tenor (CGDA).


< Irish open back

This is a good session banjo and is excellent value for money. It has a mahogany neck, rolled brass tone ring and rosewood fingerboard with mother-of-pearl dots.

Scale length is 54cm and the tuning GDAE as in the Irish tenor.


Deluxe Irish open back >

Similar to the Irish resonator model, but without the resonator. This instrument features a decorated edge to the pot and oak leaf inlays on the fingerboard. The tone ring is 'Whyte Laydie' and the armrest is Vega style.

The banjo lends itself to decoration. If you have ideas for fancy mother-of-pearl inlays, coloured rims or anything else we can usually modify the instrument to your design.


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